This Is When And Where You Can See Fireworks Over National Day Holiday

The skies will soon be lit up brightly for the 48th UAE National Day celebrations, and we won't lie to you we can't wait to see the extravagant bright and colourful scenery in the skies above us. 

If you are like us and love a good firework display, take your notepad and note the dates and times when you can watch the skies lit up over this National Day holiday. 

It is not just one night of displays, the city's sky will light up on both Sunday and Monday night. 

On Sunday, there will be firework displays at: 

  • Al Seef at 8pm
  • La Mer at 8.30pm
  • JBR at 9pm

On Monday, the fireworks will be at: 

  • Al Seef at 8pm
  • The Pointe on Palm Jumeirah at 8pm 
  • La Mer at 8.30 pm
  • JBR at 9pm
  • Global Village at 9pm 

The fireworks across Dubai are free to watch. 

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