There Will Be A Dry Night This Weekend

On the occasion of the birthday of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) there will be a dry night this weekend. The Department of Tourism and Commerce have issued a notice to licensed venues in the city advising them that alcohol cannot be served in Dubai from 5.30pm on Friday 8 November until 6.30pm on Saturday 9 November.

This means that only soft drinks will be served in any public outlets including hotels, restaurants and bars across the city. There will also be no entertainment during these times. Saturday 9 November is also a holiday for the public and private sector and work will resume on Sunday 10 November.   

Residents can expect one more long weekend in 2019, as a holiday has been announced for Commemoration Day on Sunday 1 December and for UAE National Day on Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 December for the public and private sectors, with work resuming on Wednesday 4 December. 


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