Dubai Police Reveal Details Of The Five Year Old Boy Found Lost

Image Credit: Dubai Police

Dubai Police have revealed more details of the boy found close to a Dubai mall on 6 September, stating that the 5 year old boy was abandoned shortly after he was born by his natural mother and was being raised by one of her friends. The woman who raised him and the woman who handed the boy in as lost and two other women, have all been arrested by Dubai Police.

Following information from the public, the police were able to track down the woman who had been raising him for the past 5 years. During questioning the woman revealed the mystery behind the boy and said she had been looking after him since his mother fled the country when he was two weeks old. After bringing him up for the past 5 years, the financial burden became too much and she handed him over to a friend who could also not support the boy, and subsequently made up the story of finding him lost and was advised to hand him in earlier this month as a lost child.

Speaking on the development, Brigadier Ali Ghanem, Director of Muraqqabat Police Station, said  “She admitted that his biological mother delivered him and left after two days to return to her home country. The mother promised her friend to come back quickly but she didn’t return. When the boy turned five and needed to go to school and his needs became a financial burden, the woman asked a friend of hers for advice.”

The other two women arrested are friends of the two women and all four have been DNA tested to confirm they are not the child’s mother.


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