Colour Coded Food Labelling Approved

Life will be far easier for calorie conscious residents once the new Nutrition Labelling Policy comes into effect.

Approved by the UAE Cabinet, the new policy will now also require manufacturers to have colour-coded nutritional labels on all food packaging. Colour coding will help people in identifying which food product are high or low in fat, sugar, salt and carbohydrates.

The policy will become mandatory by January 2022 for all food manufacturers, except for those who deal in fresh food such as fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.

All food items are also required to carry the calorie count.

The Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future says, “The Nutrition Labelling Policy aims to raise community awareness and nudge people into adopting a healthy lifestyle, which will eventually promote health and overall wellbeing in the UAE.”

The National Programme for Happiness and Wellbeing and Food Security Office have joined forces to develop this new policy.

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