Authorities Issue Fresh Warnings To Motorists

Dubai Police took to Twitter to advise motorists to drive carefully when in school areas.

The tweet on @DubaiPolicsHQ reads, “Dear motorists: Do not overtake other vehicles or change lanes when in schools zones or at crosswalks.”  

Further to that, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has installed a number of ‘smart’ signs across Dubai to keep a tight watch over motorists and maintain traffic safety. Fitted with a digital screen, the smart signs can read the speed of a car and display an emoticon, either smile or a frown, depending on whether the speed is within the limit or not. The legal limit in school areas is set at 40kph.

If a motorist exceeds the speed limit, the smart sign will flash a warning to slow down in Arabic as well as in English. A ‘Thank You’ message will appear if the speed is within the limit being set.

Here are a few guidelines that every motorist must follow when in or near to the school area:

  • Slowdown when entering or existing school areas
  • Give way to school buses
  • Give children the right of way at zebra crossings
  • Adhere to the set speed limits in school areas
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