Dubai Impounds 2,000 Cars

More than 2,000 cars abandoned on Dubai’s streets have been confiscated by the Waste Management Department of Dubai Municipality.

In only six months from January until June this year, a total of 2,053 vehicles were impounded by the municipality, the total number of vehicles impounded in the whole of 2018 was 3,577. 

As per the civic authority rules, leaving or abandoning any vehicle on the streets is an offence in the UAE, as these vehicles not only destroy the beauty of the city but also become a home to stray animals and miscellaneous criminal activities.

Dirty vehicles parked on the road side are inspected by the authorities and a notice to remove them is stuck on to the vehicle. The authority then gives the owners 15 days to clear the dirty vehicle from the parked spot. Failure of the owner to do this within the time period, the authority then has the rights to impound the vehicle.

Recently Dubai Municipality launched a new campaign named ‘My Vehicle’ under which a Dhs 500 fine is levied on car owners if their cars are dirty.

To report an abandoned car in a public space, call Dubai Municipality at 800 900.

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