Choose Your In-Flight Meal Before You Fly

Emirates Airlines is rolling out a new option that allows passengers to book their choice of meal online before they fly.

Though the option to pre-order vegetarian and dietary-specific meals is already available on Emirates website while booking a ticket, the new option will save passengers from the golden question that is asked by crew ‘Chicken or Fish’ and will reduce the chance of disappointment among passengers for not getting the meal of their choice because its unavailable.

Once the service goes live on the website, passengers can select their choice of meal between five days and 24 hours before their scheduled flight.

However, it does not mean that if you don’t book a meal, you won’t get an in-flight meal or get to choose a your meal. The new service aims to make sure that the airline stocks the right amount of meals, ensuring more passengers get their preferred meal, enhancing the customer experience.

No launch date has been confirmed as yet, however it will not be before too long.

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