100 Solar Powered Nol Card Recharging Machines Installed

Image Credit: RTA

This step is part of Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) efforts to expand the use of renewable energy and simultaneously adding convenience to the metro commuters’ experience.

100 nol top-up machines, run by the solar energy, have been installed in several bus stations and busy spots including Al Qusais, International City, Mall of the Emirates, Sahara Centre. It takes up the number of solar-powered nol card recharging machines in Dubai from 78 to 178 machines

“The installation of 100 solar-powered nol card recharging machines will help in realising RTA’s objective of reducing power consumption in accordance with Dubai Supreme Council of Energy strategy. The installation of these systems will shorten the time taken in nol card top-ups. Moreover, clients can use their credit cards to top-up nol cards online through RTA’s website and activate the credit through the existing machines”, says Khalid Al Awadi, Director of Transportation Systems at RTA’s Public Transport Agency.

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