Know Your Fines Through RTA's New WhatsApp Service

Paying Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) fines is not necessarily a tricky process, however very soon paying RTA fines will be easier than ever, especially for those who like to communicate through WhatsApp. The RTA is soon to launch a 24/7 WhatsApp service which will enable users to send a simple text asking “What’s My Fine’ or any other relevant queries to the RTA’s WhatsApp number and get the answers in seconds.

You can also enter your driving licence number or your traffic file number to find out your fine details as well.

RTA announced this news on its official Twitter handle by posting a descriptive video and a text message that reads, “How and where do you pay your fines? Soon you will be able to access all the information you need at any time through the new service on WhatsApp.”

The RTA’s WhatsApp number shown in video posted on Twitter is 058-8009090


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