World's Biggest Music And Lantern Festival RiSE Is Coming To Dubai

Winter in Dubai this year is going to be spectacular as a Las Vegas based live music and lantern lighting is set to come to Dubai’s desert in coming November.

Since 2014, RiSE, live music and lantern lighting show, brings people of all ages, nationalities, religions and cultures together with an unforgettable festival experience that culminates in the spectacular release of thousands of lanterns into the clear night sky. Dubai will be its first international venue outside the Mojave Desert in the United States.  We are proud of our city and cannot wait to see our deserts and skies glittering with thousands of lights.

All RiSE’s lanterns are custom engineered and contain no plastic or metal, and are 100% biodegradable.

Dan Hill, Co-founder says, “People want unique and incredible experiences that leave them feeling refreshed and uplifted. That’s RiSE.  RiSE creates great emotional connections between people. It champions tolerance and unity, and gives a voice to our hopes, dreams, goals and aspirations. RiSE shares so much in common with the vision of Dubai that we couldn’t think of a better place on earth to host our first international festival.”

The event is considered (not officially though) the most Instagram-able events on the planet, and has attracted some of Hollywood’s hottest actors, musicians and influencers with its breath-taking vistas.

Tickets are yet not out for sale.

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