JESS Dubai Student Julian Lamadrid Signed By Sony Music

A former JESS Dubai student Julian Lamadrid has made an impactful entry in the entertainment world after he signed a contract with Arista Records, an American Record Label owned by Sony Music Entertainment.

The label’s president and CEO, David Massey first heard about Julian Lamadrid on his way back from this year’s Grammys after a colleague sent him the music. He was blown away and by the end of the month, Massey had signed Julian to the Arista label. As per David Massey, the young kid has “the potential to have worldwide success.”

Julian left JESS in 2014 after completing his IB Diploma Programme.  He went off to NYU to study Theatre.  After his first year, he switched to study Film and was able to graduate early as he had extra credits from doing so well in his IB Diploma exams at JESS.

However, Julian continued to write and produce music in his spare time releasing the results of his efforts on Spotify with one of his singles hitting a million plays.

“As part of his IB Programme, Julian was making his own electronic compositions and using the JESS recording studios to record his own music, explained Mr Matt Price, Head of JESS Music.

“Julian is a phenomenally talented student who threw himself into performing in every play and concert available, such was his thirst to be on stage,” explained Ms Sara Carter, Head of Drama at JESS Dubai who taught Julian and had this to say about his acting abilities.


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