Now Get Your Car Registration Renewed Without Clearing Traffic Fines

Dubai Police have extended one more benefit to motorists under the ‘new traffic fine discount initiative’ launched in February this year in line with the ‘Year of Tolerance’ campaign.

Only a few days after Dubai Police announced that a total of 457,154 drivers were given 25 per cent discount on their accumulated traffic fines under the new traffic fines discount scheme, the local police department has instructed the Roads and Transport Authority to allow individuals to renew their vehicle’s registration even if there are pending traffic fines.

Additionally, motorist can get their car registrations renewed “regardless of any periods of confiscation imposed on vehicles, or offences committed.”

Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri, Chief of Dubai Police, said, “We want the public to benefit from the discount initiative.”

“Individuals can go to registration centres and decide whether or not to pay traffic fines immediately. Individuals can choose the amount of fines they want to clear. However, if they don’t commit a traffic offence, they don’t have to pay anything till February 2020,” Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri added.

It seems Dubai Police are giving motorists time until February next year to clear their traffic fines to see if they are able to get discounts under the new scheme, according to which  motorists who don’t commit traffic offences for three months (counted from February 6) get a 25 per cent discount on accumulated traffic fines. A clean record for six months means a 50 per cent discount, nine months means a 75 per cent discount and those who have a clean record for one year get a 100 per cent discount. The also discount applies to the seizure of vehicles and traffic points.

However, there are few exceptions to this new initiative as following :

  1. Drivers from other emirates, or those who have other RTA fines, need to clear them when they renew vehicle registration
  2. Parking and Salik fines are not included in the initiative as they are not traffic offences
  3. The initiative only applies to individuals who own vehicles and does not apply to vehicles of private companies, rental offices and public or private transport companies
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