Dubai Unveils A New Heart-Shaped Sculpture

When you next find yourself in The Dubai Mall, don't forget to check out this latest art installation by the Emaar Featured just outside the mall. The Insta-generation should definitely take note as they are looking for a new striking backdrop to pose in front.

Downtown Dubai is now home to a three-dimensional mirrored-steel 'LOVE ME' heart sculpture created by master sculptor Richard Hudson. The sculpture had earlier appeared in February 2018 as a Valentine¹s-themed exhibition at The Dubai Mall on a much smaller scale. This time, the art piece is 3 metres tall, 3 metres wide and has a depth of 3.8 metres and weighs over 7,000kg.

According to a statement the sculpture "is so big that it had to be transported in pieces to its new home and assembled onsite."

The artist describes 'LOVE ME' as "all-encompassing in its symbolism of love and peace ­ and an icon image that crosses all boundaries".

It has been positioned in such a way that it reflects the Burj Khalifa on its surface.

Spot it outside The Dubai Mall near Jones the Grocer.

And, keep your cameras ready!


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