Government Department Closes Down Social Media Accounts

The Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection (CCCP) sector in the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai permanently closed down almost 14,000 social media accounts in 2018 after they were found to be selling counterfeit goods.

Out of a total of 13,948 accounts closed down, 96.9 % were Instagram accounts and 3.1% were Facebook and had a combined total of 77.9 million followers.

In addition to social media accounts, DED also shut down 45 websites for selling fake goods.

Ibrahim Behzad, Director of Intellectual Property Rights Protection in CCCP, said, "The Department of Economic Development does not tolerate any kind of commercial fraud and we enforce the laws and regulations applicable against such practices, including imposing fines.

Consumers should stay away from outlets and channels that offer counterfeit goods as such practices are detrimental to the rights of trademark owners as well as consumer health.”

Consumers can report any negative practices by calling on 600 54 5555, or on the @dubai_consumers account of CCCP on Instagram and Twitter.

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