Two Expats Become Millionaires Overnight

Image Credit: Dubai Duty Free

Dubai Duty Free announced two winners of the Millennium Millionaire raffle draw on Tuesday that offered prize money of Dhs 3.6 million to each winner.

The lucky winners who hit the jackpot are Imran Ishaq, 48, from Pakistan and Ramesh Krishnankutty, 48, from India.

Imran, who is based in Oman and works as a real estate broker has long term investment plans where he will put some of the money towards purchasing property and will invest some to start a car business in Muscat.

While Ramesh, a Dubai resident who works as a technician, will be splitting the prize money with his nine other colleagues who chipped in to purchase the ticket in his name and agreed to split the prize if they get lucky. The winner will be putting his share of Dhs 360,000 in his bank account and has no big plans as yet.

Two lucky ticket numbers were 2021 and 3295.

Other winners and prizes announced include Kuznietsov Alexander, a 41 year old Ukrainian national who won an Audi A8L and Turki Alawwad, a Saudi Arabian national who will take home a BMW 760Li xDrive.

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