Nursery Supports Parents with Interactive Talk Show

Dubai’s British Orchard Nursery is hosting an afternoon for parents. This Saturday, 15 September, parents can attend an interactive talk show with licensed psychologist Chasity O’Connell to discuss your child’s mental and physical developmental goals.

Dr Vandana Gandhi, Founder and CEO of British Orchard Nursery said: “As parents, we want our children to have the ability to face obstacles headlong at every level. But sometimes, inadvertently, we end up doing just the opposite. We have to ask ourselves why some children are far better able to counter challenges, while others are simply not able to meet them. A lot has to do with the way we react to situations and how we develop their mind-set as children learn through observation of adult behaviour. Through this interactive session at The BON Talk Show, our experts will support parents to understand the various approaches to bring up a resilient child”.

The talk show begins at 3pm on Saturday and is the first of the newly launched BON Talk Show series which will feature local and international experts.


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