Dewa Confirms Its Water As Safe To Drink

A report issued recently has indicated that water supplied by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) was contaminated. Dewa has since retaliated to the claims, in an official statement, saying that there was no evidence of the Legionnaires’ disease bacteria in their water supply, and that it is safe to drink.

“Dewa would like to reiterate that our water quality across the generation, transmission, and distribution networks meets the highest health and safety standards set by WHO. Dewa took samples from the water network before the meter and found it clear of any contamination or bacteria and the results were conveyed to the school,” the official statement read.

Dewa has defended the cleanliness of their water after harmful bacteria was found in German International School’s water supply, causing it to be closed.

“It is the responsibility of the customer or owner and the maintenance companies to carry out regular maintenance of the internal networks and water tanks after the meter and to ensure that health and safety standards are met.” 

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