Emirates NBD To Give Away Dhs 10 Million

Emirates NBD has announced that it will give away Dhs 10 million worth of cash to its customers who save, including small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) in the UAE. The campaign which will run until 31 January will see two winners get a chance to win Dhs 2.5 million each. Besides the two big awards, there will be small rewards worth Dhs 100,000 for a number of other winners each.

According to Emirates NBD, this initiatuve is set to reward and enourage the habit of saving.

To qualify for entry, customers need to have at least Dhs 25,000 in the bank to win one of the two monthly prizes of Dhs 100,000 and one of fifty monthly prizes each of Dhs 20,000 over the next five months. An additional deposit of Dhs 5,000 will get the customer an extra entry and a better chance to win the prizes. 

Customers with the minimum bank balance will automatically be a part of lottery and are not required to make any special entries to participate in the raffle draw.

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