British Tourist Who Racked Up Over Dhs 170,000 In Car Fines Still Has The Car

The story of the British tourist, who accumulated fines over Dhs 170,000 while driving his rented Lamborghini Huracan supercar at speeds of over 200kmh, has now taken an interesting turn. It has been reported that the car rental company’s partner has stated that the tourist still has the car and has not called them up to notify them on his whereabouts. The company owners have tried to call the tourist multiple times but he has not answered a single call.

The rental company has already informed the British Embassy about the incident.

“The disagreement over payment continues. Police can impound the car if we cannot pay the amount of fines. I will not try to take the car back because then who pays the money for the impoundment? Police will impound the car if the fines aren’t paid. It is his fault and he should pay,” stated the car rental company.

The tourist had paid Dhs 6,000 to hire the car for two days and deposited his passport as a guarantee. The tourist is said to have given his address as the Five Palm Jumeirah Hotel and Resort and it is alleged that the car is still parked there. 

The car rental company owners are now worried that if the tourist had left the country, they would be in a difficult situation.

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