Dubai's Top Traffic Violations

Speeding kills but it seems like many Dubai residents are not taking the hefty traffic fines and more importantly, the fatal consequences of over-speeding seriously.

In a report issued by Dubai Police, it was revealed that more than 260,000 fines for exceeding the speed limits were issued over the past six months, making speedy the most common traffic violation. It indicates a very grave situation on Dubai roads as speeding is the main cause of fatal accidents as stressed by Brig Saif Al Mazroui, Director of the General Department of Traffic at Dubai Police.

“Exceeding speed limits topped the list of traffic violations so far this year,” said Brig Saif Al Mazroui.

Lack of lane discipline comes second on the list of traffic violations with 189,922 tickets. Among other violations, incorrect parking is in third place with 79,000 fines, followed by obstructing or blocking traffic with 64,487 fines.

Talking on the phone while driving was the cause of 21,362 traffic fines, while parking on pavements received 19,849 fines.

11,881 tickets were issued for red light violations, 8,635 tickets for overtaking road shoulder.

Stopping the vehicle in middle of the road received 7,004 tickets.

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