Warning: Remember These Things For Tonight's Match

There have been a few instances of irresponsible behaviour in the region with regards to the World Cup. Behaving appropriately is vital to having the best time without putting yourself or anyone else in danger. Remember the rules of the region!

Here are some tips to ensure a great night, sensibly:

Drink water. Yes, we have air conditioning but it’s still hot out there and after a night of celebrations, chances are that you’re dehydrated. Your body will thank you in the morning.

If you’re planning on drinking, do not drive to the event. The UAE has a zero tolerance policy for drink driving. Do not put yourself or anyone else at risk, arrange a taxi in advance either through the RTA call centre, through the RTA app or one of the ride hailing apps, or simply schedule your ride home with friends ort family.

Although tonight’s game is late, there still may be some little supporters among us - be considerate of them!

Remember, camera phones are among us and although you may not remember your actions - they definitely will.

Once you’ve left your venue behave responsibly. Not everyone is following the football and not everyone is suporting your team and your neighbours would not want to hear you chanting at 12am.

Disrespecting supporters of the opposing team does not increase your chances of winning. Unless you were on the field, you do not have the right to gloat. It’s ’The Beautiful Game,’ not the rude one.

Also, it’s coming home.

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