Video Shows Students Destroying a School's Property

The Ministry of Education has issued a warning against parents and students after a shocking video, showing students trashing classroom property including chairs, tables and an overhead projector, went viral. The video was removed from the internet after the issue was escalated to the authorities.   

The Ministry of Education said that vandalising school properties will not be tolerated and disciplinary action will be taken against students as well as obliging parents to pay repair expenses.

On Sunday, the Ministry of Education said in a tweet: "What has been done by a number of students vandalising facilities of one of the schools is unacceptable and unfamiliar to the school community. Deterrent measures will be taken against the concerned students in accordance with the learners’ behaviour regulations, including obliging parents to pay repair expenses."

"The Ministry of Education describes such a behaviour as uncontrolled and is an attack on public property, which we regret to see it this way. We call on having a sense of responsibility, discipline and commitment and to maintain the facilities of the campus, which is a property of all."


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