New Luxury Shopping Avenue

New Luxury Shopping Avenue

The Dubai Mall has unveiled it’s latest surprise for discerning shoppers from the UAE and around the world. The luxury Fashion Avenue at Dubai Mall is now open after it’s much-awaited expansion. Shoppers will now have the option of more than 150 luxury brands to shop from.

Shoppers now will have access to the exclusive concepts by the world’s leading luxury retailers. While many luxury retailers are opening their flagships stores at Fashion Avenue, for others it would be their debutant entry to Middle East at Dubai Mall.  But, as a whole it will be offering a high-class shopping experience to it’s residents and visitors.

Fashion Avenue is also introducing an array of exquisite culinary experiences where shoppers can relax their feet after that hectic (not really) shopping walk in this huge shopping arena.

Last but not least, it also features inspired architecture and a sophisticated collection of art pieces from around the world offering it's visitors a distinctive experience.

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