New Smart Gates At DXB

New Smart Gates At DXB

Next time you’re travelling, skip the line, and be sure to use the brand new smart gates now at arrivals in Dubai International Airport.

These new 20 smart gates are set up at the arrivals area in Terminal 1 in addition to the 10 that were installed last year at departures. In total there are 127 smart gates across the entire airport.

The smart gates can complete an average transaction from minutes to just 10-15 seconds and can identify a traveller by their passport, Emirates ID, e-gate card or a QR barcode and are especially useful whether you’re a UAE citizen, resident, GCC national and qualify for visa on arrival. So, if you fall under any of those categories, use the easy and efficient service to make your trip even smoother.

The new development is in line with UAE’s Month of Innovation to celebrate and promote innovation across the nation. Dubai Airport was the first in the world to introduce these amazing automated gates!

For more information on the Smart Gate check out this video by Emaratech:

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