Beware! Credit card information of 250 customers stolen in the UAE

Beware! Credit card information of 250 customers stolen in the UAE

Going cashless has its advantages and disadvantages. Your credit card information runs the risk of being stolen from right under your nose.

According to Khaleej times, credit card details of around 250 customers have been compromised. The central bank details showed that all the cardholders are based in Dubai.

Unfortunately, most victims of this type of credit card theft don’t find out their credit card details have been stolen until after the credit card has already been used.

To be on the safe side, make sure you don’t share you credit card details and PIN number with anybody including petrol station attendants, cashiers at the shopping mall and with especially on the Internet.

The banks also advise to change PIN numbers from time to time.

John Shier, senior security adviser, Sophos, said people should feel free to browse deals on their smartphones but be cautious of the wireless network they're connected to when shopping online.

"Only enter your credit card information when you're on a secure network that you trust. And remember the best way to keep your money safe is to use online payments system such as PayPal or your credit card. Where possible, avoid using debit cards to purchase gifts online," says Shier.

Be aware of what website you use because scammers use authentic-looking websites and change one or two letters of the website name so as to not grab attention.

"Always check the spelling and be on the lookout for smart typo-squatting like the famous Twitter attack," Shier added.

If in the unlikely case you do fall prey to this kind of fraud, quickly contact your bank and block your card in case of any suspicious account activity.

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