Schools increasing financial burden on parents

Schools increasing financial burden on parents

Schools should not select suppliers that charge parents steeply for transport, uniforms, books and other non-tuition services.

Dr Hashim Al Nuaimi, director of the Consumer Protection Department (CPD) at the Ministry of Economy, told Gulf News that some schools are, in effect, increasing the financial burden on parents by selecting expensive third-party suppliers. 

“Schools approve deals with suppliers. There are many third-party suppliers available, but it is the school that selects the company they want to work with. What is being charged is what the school has agreed to with the supplier,” he added.

Dr Al Nuaimi said if one supplier is charging too much, the school should look for one that offers lower rates.

Parents who face unreasonable increase in prices for non-tuition services — such as books, uniforms and bus transport — by third-party suppliers, can contact the ministry with their complaints on its hotline number 60052225.

“The Ministry of Economy calls on all consumers and parents to contact the regulating authorities in the UAE, that is the Ministry of Economy, when they have a complaint about a school, or any complaint about any sort of exploitation, or high prices of school supplies such as books and uniforms [provided by third-party supplier].”

The ministry’s call centre operates from 8am to 10:30pm daily, except on Fridays.

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