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New regulation for driving licence applicants aged 65 or above

New regulation for driving licence applicants aged 65 or above

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is introducing medical testing procedures for motorists aged 65 and above who wish to renew their driver licences. They will now be required to undergo medical screening at public and private hospitals and clinics approved by the RTA in Dubai as of September 1st this year.

“The introduction of this initiative stems from the keenness of the RTA to achieve the highest traffic safety levels for road users at top-class international standards. The implementation of this procedure will start as of 1stSeptember this year for motorists aged 65 and above. The test is intended to verify if motorists are free from diseases that may impact their driving abilities to the extent of posing risks to road users. The validity of the renewed driver licence will be 3 years only instead of 10 years. There will be an online link with the approved hospitals and clinics enabling them access to the online licencing system of the RTA to judge the medical condition of applicants for driver licence renewal,” said Jamal Assada, Director of Drivers Licencing at RTA’s Licensing Agency.

The renewal of driver licences service will be available through RTA’s Call Centre (8009090), Website ( and app on smart phones/devices (RTA Dubai).

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