WATCH: Last Exit Mad X set to open 10th August

WATCH: Last Exit Mad X set to open 10th August

Last Exit ‘Mad X’ opposite Last Exit E11 on Sheikh Zayed Road is due to open on 10th August. The fourth Last Exit destination will welcome visitors travelling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Visitors to the new post-apocalyptic Last Exit ‘Mad X’ will find war rigs, monster trucks and abandoned cars. One of the most striking features of the new destination is that most of the materials used have been sourced from recycled wood, scrap metal, wires, cables, pipes and cars, among others.

From oil drum tables for guests to perch on and hang out, to full sized cars half submerged in the ground to create an environment that feels as though the world nearly ended. There are also practical design elements, such grass areas for picnics, camouflaged netting for shade, and flickering TV screens pointing people in the right direction.

With three Last Exit destinations already in operation – at Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Qudra, Al Khawaneej – Last Exit Mad X is the fourth of ten planned locations for the popular food truck concept across the Emirate over the next two years. Each destination has its own unique identity and characteristics.

At almost 500,000 square feet, Last Exit Mad X is three times the size of Last Exit E11. Gourmet food trucks at Last Exit Mad X include:

  • Pad Thai
  • Johnny Rockets
  • 800 Degrees Pizza
  • Gyros
  • Hot Chix
  • Burger Pit
  • Poco Loco
  • Jaldi Jaldi
  • Starbucks
  • The Stuffed Burger
  • BBQ on Wheels
  • Just For Kids
  • Bao Bun
  • Sushi Box
  • Dirty Dogs
  • My Karak
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