Sensory Play Encourages Children To Play, Explore And Learn - All At The Same Time

From the day a child is born they explore the world around them with their senses processing all the new information. Sensory play encourages children to play, explore, and learn. There is something magical about watching children open their sensory bins, using their imagination and creativity to create their own little story.

There is no wrong or right way to set up or play with the sensory bins. It is all about having fun and learning comes naturally. Sensory materials are either sold separately or in sets, such as unicorn, dinosaur, ocean, ice cream, or bakery themed bins. Themed sensory bins encourage children to talk about the little world they are playing with, describing new textures, and shapes.











Sensory bins are big enough to be shared, this helps children develop their social skills communicating effectively while playing with others. Talking about the new textures and different shapes also aid in language development. Most of the sensory bins come with sensory tools that support fine and gross motor skills development. Squeezing, pulling, and pushing sensory fillers with their hands is a great way to strengthen hand muscles. While experimenting with different objects during sensory play, children develop problem-solving and decision-making skills. It also strengthens the part of their brain that is responsible for learning, which in turn enhances memory and ability to complete complex tasks.

The sensory fillers on their own can be very therapeutic and soothing to play with. All of the products are designed with lots of love and attention to detail to keep kids busy for hours. The evolution sensory bins guarantee an interactive learning experience combining lifecycle figurines, wooden discs, and informative flashcards for sequencing activities.

Elbirg is an online shop that sells sensory bins and materials such as cloud dough, kinetic sand and waterbeads, and offers toys for open-ended, children-driven play.

Elbirg sensory play provides interactive toys that aid in developing children's motor skills and cognitive growth through creative play.













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