Art Jameel Launches A Free E-Book For Children On Coronavirus

Art Jameel, a UAE-based art centre has launched a free to download e-guide called Coronavirus: A Curious Guide For Courageous Kids, to help children understand the current global situation.

The guide has been produced in bilingual, in Arabic and English, in conjecture with Italian science association, Pleiadi and the network of Italian Children’s Museums

With its creative illustrations and friendly language, the guide explains the origin of the virus, how it spread across the world, precautionary steps children can take to stay healthy, values of cooperation, unity and community building, and encourages children to come up with innovative ideas to build a community around them while they are not allowed to step out.

The guide is currently being translated into 30 languages and distributed to 50 countries.

The guide is free and available for download for readers across the Arab world and beyond, to be viewed on computers, iPads, tablets, smartphones and, wherever possible or required, can be printed.

Read the guide here.


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