Tips To Plan A Stress Free Birthday Party

Prepare To Plan

Start by sitting down, pen and paper handy and making a checklist of all that you’d like to include and have completed for the special day. It’ll help you to get an idea of what needs to be done .

Let’s Talk Budget

You want to have a fun filled day without breaking the bank. So the first step for a successful, and stress free, party is always figure out the numbers and stick with it.

Location, Location, Location

There are a couple of choices when it comes to where exactly your child’s birthday party will be held. Park, home, or a party venue? These choices vary based on economies of scale. The actual cost per child will definitely be lower if you have it at home or in a park, but the ease and efficiency of party venues is tough to beat. Party venues will provide the games, entertainment, catering and you typically just need to bring the cake.

Choosing The Theme

A theme of the party can be anything. From a beloved superhero, character, colour or movie. This may make choosing a venue and settling on the nitty gritty details like invites, décor, goodie bags and more a whole ton faster and easier.

Fun And Games

The hardest part is always figuring out how to keep the kids having the most fun. Having a party at home or in a park can be easier if you can hire a children’s entertainer, a magician, clown or face painter, you’ll be able to get things done while the kids stay busy.

Delivering On Munchies

Kids are typically running around and having way too much fun at parties to really want to eat a full meal, so light and easily replenishable snacks are a good way to go.

Goodie Bags Galore

Some party venues can provide goodie bags while some easy and simple go-to ideas can be assorted chocolate, t-shirts or just a small party favour that falls within the theme.

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