May 2019: Children Can Say The Funniest Things

We love the children in our lives, they bring us joy and happiness and everything they do, most of the time, makes us smile. Here at Connector we share some of your funny moments with your children and here is a round up of just some of the things you have told us your kids, who are all celebrating birthdays in May, have said to make you laugh. Happy birthday to them all!

Natasha Hemant Jain
5 years old on 16th May
JSS Private School

Funny moment: We went to get spectacles for my wife and Natasha asked why. I explained that spectacles will help mom see far. Natasha innocently asked, "Then why not get binoculars?".


Avyaan Chauhan
5 years old on 11th May
Dubai Scholars School

Funny moment: When Avyaan was asked which colour will suit when colouring in the cloud, Avyaan replied "Orange because my favourite colour is orange."

Aliza Zehra Bhojani
9 years old on 7th May
Dubai Gem Private School

Funny moment: Aliza has collected pocket money and feels that anything in the world can be bought. Being very fond of the Disney Princesses she wants to visit them. One day I said "Sorry we can't take you to Disneyland." Aliza replies "Why not? I will pay only for my own expenses." Both me and my wife couldn't stop laughing.

Younis Ahmed Fekry Mohamed
4 years old on 8th May
Choueifat Dubai

Funny moment: My son is a very cheerful and sweet boy, whenever one of us is looking sad he will come and make us laugh with his words “Do you want to hear me long fart?”

Nivaan Tandon
5 years old on 5th May
Horizon English School

Funny moment: Nivaan loves his cake and it shows. Any time you ask him what his favourite vegetable is, his reply is always "Candy!"

Have your children said something that has set you off in belly fulls of laughter and made your friends chuckle? If they have and they are celebrating a birthday next month, simply click here to fill in the form or email a picture and a few words on what it is they said that made you laugh, and we will publish the top ones next month. Include their age, date of birth and the school they go to. 

Congratulations to Natasha Hemant Jain, who has won vouchers to the value of Dhs 500 from Adventureland.

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