March 2019: Children Can Say The Funniest Things

We love the children in our lives, they bring us joy and happiness and everything they do, most of the time, makes us smile. Here at Connector we share some of your funny moments with your children and here is a round up of just some of the things you have told us your kids, who are all celebrating birthdays in March, have said to make you laugh. Happy birthday to them all!

Miles Jacob
7 years old on 29 March
GEMS Winchester School

Funny moment: Recently, our youngest asked, "Dad, what's an iPod?" To which Miles quickly replied, "I know what an iPod is! It's something ancient from when Grandad was a little kid!!"


Celestine Nicole Dizon
6 years old on 19 March
GEMS Founders School

Funny moment: Celestine really wanted to have a pet. One day, while taking a bath she said: "I want to have a pet fish, but fish do not have a brain because their head is so small".

Keira Adele McLeod
5 years old on 6 March
Rosary School

Funny moment: While I was taking one video Keira removed her socks and started touching her feet and when I asked her what she was doing she said “I am sammaging my feet”. At first it didn’t click so I asked again and she replied “I am sammaging my feet mama, sammage“.  I just couldn’t contain my laughter as I knew what she meant by sammage was massage. She was massaging her feet before bed.

Amanda Dabholkar
9 years old on 24 March
GEMS Metropole

Funny moment: That she likes it when I’m just at home, but when I get mad and start nagging her she will say that she wishes that I was just at work.

Liam Raphael Flaherty
4 years old on 3 March
Kangaroo Kids

Funny moment: Liam sometimes doesn’t like to share toys yet he likes to ask from his friends. When I told him don’t be selfish, he replied - I am not shellfish, I am a shark!

Have your children said something that has set you off in belly fulls of laughter and made your friends chuckle? If they have and they are celebrating a birthday in March, simply click here to fill in the form or email a picture and a few words on what it is they said that made you laugh, and we will publish the top ones next month. Include their age, date of birth and the school they go to. 

Congratulations to Miles Jacob, who has won vouchers to the value of Dhs 500 for Adventureland.

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