Learning outside the classroom

Extracurricular activities, or ECAs, provide an opportunity for children to really broaden their horizons, learn new skills and have fun. But with so many on offer how do you know which ones to pick? Gabbitas share our top tips to help you make the right choice for your child.

Creative Arts

Taking part in creative ECA’s such as music, drama, dance, creative writing or art is a wonderful opportunity for a child to expand their imagination, to learn about working collaboratively, to acquire new skills and to extend their social skills. Whether they are taking up a new instrument, being part of a school production or learning about different art techniques, it gives each child a chance to develop outside of the academic curriculum and to explore what other talents they may have.


Sport is a popular ECA choice, gives a child a chance to gain valuable exercise and let off steam after a day of sitting in a classroom, whilst developing their gross motor skills and improving fitness. Regardless of whether your child competes for fun or competitively for a school team, a sporting activity gives a child a chance to gain important life skills such as team working, communication skills, respecting other players’ contributions and learning to gracefully accept both winning and losing.


Academic ECA’s give students targeted time outside the classroom to refine and build on their skills. This is not just about areas they may find particularly challenging, although this can be helpful, but it can also be an excellent chance to explore areas that extend beyond the curriculum, such as robotics or coding.

ECAs are an invaluable aspect of any education and give children a chance to explore and to grow and develop into more fully rounded individuals.

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