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In this extraordinary world, academics are just not enough to stand out and therefore mums are always on the lookout for extra-curricular activities for their children, to develop their overall skills including cognitive abilities. Choosing the right after-school activity not only keeps a child busy and active between after school and before bed hours, but also help them develop into a more rounded person.

However, as every child is different, not one set of extra-curricular activities can be a fit for all. It is important to understand the likes and dislikes of your children and then choose one or two activities from the plethora of options available. There are art classes such as dance, music, drawing, and cooking; sports classes such as football, basketball, cricket, baseball, volleyball, and then extra study class such as Vedic maths, Abacus mathematician clubs, and science clubs and so on.

Understand your child’s personality first and then enrol them for one or two of the classes so it becomes a pleasure activity, giving them space to learn the world away from text books.


Whether you child is super activate and jumping on and off your sofas all the time or if they are just stuck on a tablet, you should consider sending them for a sports class. A super energetic child will find a way to dispose of his energy and an inactive child will build some stamina. There are a number of sports classes available such as cricket, football, fencing, basketball, gymnastic, surfing, running, tennis, karate, and skating, where you can send your children. The classes will also teach children skills of discipline, focus, competition, teamwork and more.

A representative of High Performance Swimming Club said, “Our swim camps keep children active and busy. All swimmers meet and make friends and get a sense of achievement when they see how quick they are improving. It’s a fun way to learn to swim or learn to compete.”

This month the High Performance Festive Season Swimming Camp will run from Saturday 15 December 2018 to Saturday 5 January 2019 at the Hamdan Sports Complex.

Dance, Music, Cooking, Drama and Art Classes

If you think your little one helps you in setting the dinner table and they are always there beside you in the kitchen and can also cook a thing or two, send the little master chef to a cooking class, it will not only boost their confidence but will also give direction to their talents. Likewise, if you see your child has an interest towards arts and music, there are multiple art classes offering sessions including different forms of dance, different musical instruments, drama activities, rhyming classes and a wide range of art and craft activities.

Ritwika Chaudhuri, founder director of The Palette Art Training and Consultancy,  commented “Art and craft broadens the mind, increases the power of imagination, stimulates brain and relaxes a tired mind from the rigour of stress from studies, homework and regular chores of life. Over and above, it helps channelising the inner talent of a child into creative manifestation and also ensures time spent productively. It is a learning mix with fun and adding value to your knowledge base.”

The Palette Art Training and Consultancy is a KHDA licensed art training institute and runs arts, simple sketching to landscape, still life, figure drawing, portrait in all mediums, graphite, charcoal, water colour,  pastels, Tempera, acrylic, oil, mixed media, jewelry designing, clay, terracotta and beaded jewelry, silk painting, sculpting, calligraphy classes from the age group of 8 years. It also conducts special workshop on crafts, doodling, clay modellings. There is special programmes as junior vinci (8-12) and young degas (12 plus) on Monday afternoons and targeted classes especially for age group 8 to 12 and 12 plus on Saturdays 2 to 6pm.

Abacus Maths Classes

If you think your child loves maths and takes an interest in the subject, early childhood is the best time to lay a strong foundation. Abacus maths is considered to be one of the fastest ways of calculating and learning maths. Besides enhancing the overall comprehension of maths - other important benefits of Abacus maths include increasing endurance for stress and pressure, enhances logical reasoning skills, improves photographic memory and also sharpens memory power.

Brainobrain offers Abacus classes once a week and has institutes all over Dubai. Anand Subramaniam, Managing Director at Brainobrain International said, “After school activities are helpful in enhancing skills which children do not learn in schools as activities in schools are common for all children, so scope to develop unique skills is less. Secondly, in UAE children are stuck with iPad, so after school activities are a good break to socialise and make friends. At Brainobrain, our focus is not on teaching rules of Abacus, but focus is to enhance memory, concentration, speed and accuracy skills."

Connector spoke with parents who send their children to after school activities, and here are their comments-

Pallavi Gupta Aggarwal, Indian expat and mother of 7 year old Akshit
 "I send my son for swimming, soccer, guitar and Abacus classes. He is progressing fast as a swimmer and feels confident of himself. The soccer class has imbibed team spirit in him and his social skills are enhanced along with better stamina. Guitar classes are helping him to build focus, and Abacus classes are building up his mental calculation skills, and mathematical skills."

Trayle an American expat and mother of 7 year old Parco
"We send our son to Kung-fu after school activity for a few reasons. First, because it’s physical and kids need a good release for energy. Also martial arts teaches discipline, concentration, patience, and resilience. We started at the school once a week, but now do two times a week at the dojo near our house. He also does robotics club at school. I thought it was too much at first, but he loves going!"

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