November 2018: Children Can Say The Funniest Things

We love the children in our lives, they bring us joy and happiness and everything they do, most of the time, makes us smile. Here at Connector we share some of your funny moments with your children and here is a round up of just some of the things you have told us your kids, who are all celebrating birthdays in November, have said to make you laugh. Happy birthday to them all!

Yashna Palija
5 years old on 6 November
Nord Anglia International School Dubai

Funny moment: Recently Yashna told me she wished money grew on trees!! I asked her why to which she answered "If they grew on trees we could pluck it whenever we wanted and Papa wouldn't need to work so much and then play with us all day long!"


Dressy Dale Guevarra
10 years old on 16 November
Saint Mary's Catholic High School

Funny moment: When we dine out and the food is served she will tell everyone “Don’t start eating yet” and then she will always tell me "Mummy, come on take a photo of all the food and ask the waiter to click a group photo, then post on FB and IG so we can eat right now!" This makes me laugh every time.

Ummekulsoom Hozaifa
7 years old on 12 November
Arab Unity School
Funny moment:
"Mummy, my brother sleeps on the bus!"
Mum: "Oh! So don’t you wake him up when your stop arrives?"
"I do Mummy but he always acts and walks like a zombie and I have to push him and carry his school bag all the way to the bus door."

Muhammad Shahbaz Raza
4 years old on 22 November
The Grammar School, Dubai
Funny moment:
When I put him to bed at night, he always wants to tickle me or be tickled himself and we laugh really hard in the dark while we are snuggling.

Fathimath Noora
10 years old on 16 November
Gulf Asian English School
Funny moment:
Once while eating pudding there were some chinagrass pieces in it. Noora asked what they were? We said those were chinagrass pieces. Noora replied saying "I will not eat those as it is from China and would have it if it was UAE grass"

Have your children said something that has set you off in belly fulls of laughter and made your friends chuckle? If they have and they are celebrating a birthday in December, simply click here to fill in the form or email a picture and a few words on what it is they said that made you laugh, and we will publish the top ones next month. Include their age, date of birth and the school they go to. 

Congratulations to Yashna Palija, who has won a voucher to the value of Dhs 500 for Caboodle.

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