Things To Do With Kids During The Summer

Summer holidays have arrived and the kids are beaming! But we’ve all experienced twiddling our thumbs once the excitement of the idea of no school has worn off. There’s plenty to do to keep them entertained, educated and excited whilst steering clear of being inflicted by those dreaded words ‘i’m bored!’ Here are our top picks for things to do with your kids that are guaranteed to thrill them all the way through the summer.

Wet ’n’ Wild Waterparks

Laguna Waterpark

What do you get when you add good company, slides and the sea? Laguna Waterpark, of course. With four distinctive zones - Surf, Relax, Slide and Splash, there’s something for every level of thrill-seeker. For those in need of a little R&R the park features a lazy river perfect for carefree floating while the kids brave the five main rides.


You’d be hard-pressed to find a waterpark list that didn’t feature Atlantis’ Aquaventure. With record breaking rides and slides and a once-in-a-lifetime experience with sharks and rays, Aquaventure is fuelled by adrenaline. If you fancy catching some rays, the park offers 700 metres of pristine private beach as well as the new exclusive reserved seating areas.

Wild Wadi

On it’s 20th year running, Wild Wadi Waterpark has become part of the fabric of Dubai. Situated in the area of Jumeirah, next to the Burj Al Arab and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, the park is modelled after the adventures of Juha, a known character from the Arabian folklore. After undergoing a recent renovation, the park now has a variety of exciting new rides alongside the famed Jumeirah Sceirah’s 32 metre drop slide.

The Power of Nature

Underwater Zoo

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is home to a multitude of river and ocean creatures. Keep your eyes peeled for otters, piranha, Humboldt penguins, African dwarf crocodiles and many more amazing aquatic animals in 40 individual aquatic displays.

The Lost Chambers Aquarium Atlantis, The Palm

There’s always something fishy going on at The Lost Chamber Aquarium. With a snorkelling experience, a shark safari, an Atlantis Aquatrek and even a ray feeding experience, any fin is possible at The Lost Chambers Aquarium! Get up-close and personal with your favourite aquatic beasts including sharks, rays, eels and other colourful fish.

The Green Planet

A replica rainforest, The Green Planet is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Its canopy plays host to an array of exotic flora and fauna while the forest floor is home to a number of creatures. Watch out for the butterflies and the birds in this fully immersive vertical tropical forest, as they are free to fly! For extra excitement, book yourself in for a 20-30-minute Sugar Glider interaction or a 20-30-minute sloth interaction.

Big Fun for Little Ones


OliOli translates to ‘joy’ in Hawaiian and that’s exactly what the children’s museum offers. The museum embraces the power of a young imagination with science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics at the core. OliOli engages your little ones while keeping them entertained and educated. Bring a pair of socks and a spare change of clothes - this could get messy! Call 04-7027300.

Le Petit Palais

Take your kid’s on a journey through a French town. Built specifically for tots, this bite-sized children’s town is a marvel full of fun, creative and adventurous acitivites. Keep them entertained while you browse the mall. Le Petit Palais features to-scale buildings, a supermarket, a beauty salon, a petrol station, paved streets and vehicles. There’s also an art studio where your mini Monet can create their masterpieces.


Fabyland are indoor entertainment facilities for families in the UAE. They offer a variety of rides for children; arcade games, a soft play area, bumper car rides, trampoline with basketball and foam pits, indoor climbing and game machines, where families can play to win tickets and collect prizes at the end of their day.

Modhesh World

Modhesh World has returned! Our, now 18-year-old, springy yellow friend is bringing a whole host of fun this summer. The Dubai World Trade Centre, Halls 1 to 8 will feature games, activities, shows, rides and much more. Your little ones will have a chance to meet Modhesh himself as well as enjoying prizes, dress up and even indoor ice skating! Modhesh makes surprise visits and goes on goodwill tours to malls, hospitals and schools to spread cheer and initiate a journey of endless fun, creativity and learning. Modhesh has been capturing the hearts and minds of both parents and children ever since being developed as a home-grown entertainment concept.
Call 600-555559

Let’s Get Physical

VR Park

Experience a little escape at the Ultimate Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Theme Park. Immerse yourself in an interactive computer-generated experience with mind-blowing rides & experiences that span horror, adventure, leisure, sport and more, with individual and multi-player experiences for all ages. Plus, there’s even an epic futuristic, Fifth Element-esque experience of Dubai in the year 2050.

Flip Out

It’s time to bounce. Whether you’re a little kid or a big kid, Flip Out is guaranteed to make you, well, flip out. Grab the entire family and hop onto this completely unique experience. Flip Out’s main attractions include dodgeball, football, a 3-D wall, archery, foam pits, basketball, a trampoline half-pipe, and a fully-fledged double decker kids arena.


It’s time to shake! And, no one shakes it quite like FitRepublik. From 8 July to 30 August, Dubai’s favorite fitness centre’s eight-week “Movin & Groovin” summer camp gives grown-ups and kids from ages 5 to 14 a fun-filled, energetic program packed with activities to get you moving and playing for all the right reasons! Whether you’re a swimmer, a runner or just a regular mover-shaker, there’s something for everyone at FitRepublik!

Summer Camps

ALC Arabic Lessons

Whether your child is a native Arabic speaker in-need of refinement or you want to give them a head-start in school, The Arabic Language Centre is hosting a summer camp. Structured on weekly themes that include topics such as family, transportation, places of interest, the beach, friends, animals and pets, food, healthy habits, the world, sports, and other topics related to a child’s routine, the camp has it covered. ALC has a strong emphasis on oral communication and integrates an array of activities such as arts & crafts, educational games, role playing, and songs in a fun and friendly environment.

Hayley’s Comet Theatre Company

Do you have a superstar in your midst? Is your youngster an all-singing, all-dancing triple threat? Hayley’s Comet Theatre Company is hosting a drama, dance and singing summer camp perfect for your little star. Kids ages 6-14 can step away from their devices
and into the limelight. Learning routines and songs and creating their own characters for a play at the end of the camp is sure to thrill. From The Greatest Showman to Matilda, Ed Sheehan to Ariana Grande, the play will be a marvel carefully constructed by professional UK based instructors. Call 04 4470773.

Just Play

Every day, youngsters will appreciate a scope of astounding exercises across the sports hall, directed by qualified mentors to guarantee there is a fun and safe condition for all. Kids, arranged into age groups, will be able to enjoy fun and games challenges in football, vaulting, volleyball, table tennis, dodgeball, yoga, label rugby, move, expressions and art, and a whole lot more. Every member will have the chance to go up against the all-new Ninja Warrior assault course!

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