Books for children

Books for children

The famous author Stephen King once said, “The books are a uniquely portable magic.” We bring you best-seller children books of this month which will transport the readers into the world of fantasies, unicorns and magical world along with a book for growing readers imparting lessons of acceptance and achievements.

Flying Fergus: The Wreck it Race
by Sir Chris Hoy
Age group 4-7

The cycling team are getting a new coach to prepare them for International racing but when she turns up, Charlotte is in a wheelchair and is captain of the paralympic basketball team. No one can quite understand how she is going to train them. With some unusual training methods, including yoga and wheelbarrow races, Charlotte enters the team in the charity Wreck it Race where they have to build their own bicycle. A gentle inclusive story about acceptance and achievements.
Price Dhs 28.35

Amelia Fang and the Unicorn Lords
by Laura Ellen Anderson
Age group 6-9

Amelia and her friends, including a yeti and a prince called Tangine must brave the world of light to try and find Tangine’s mother, Queen Fairyweather. Join the group of friends, who are always awake during the night, on an adventure into the daylight as they encounter fairies, angel kittens and unicorns. A perfect blend of Vampire and Unicorn adventures, what is not to love about this book.
Price Dhs 44.10

Girl who Drank the Moon
by Kelly Barnhill
Age group 9-12

The population of Protectorate leave a baby as an offering to Xan, a witch, whom they fear will terrorise their town. Unbeknown to the town, the witch is not evil. She rescues children, nourishes them with starlight and places them with families to care for them. One baby is fed moonlight instead of starlight and as she grows up it is clear her powers can have dangerous consequences. A beautiful fairytale set in a fantasy world, with layer upon layer of magical and menacing moments.
Price Dhs 39.90

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