Books For Children

Books For Children

Hello little book readers! We have got some exciting reads for you this month. For young readers, Mummy Fairy and Me will make for a fun and light read as they go on a magical journey filled with amusing ups and turns. And, for growing and responsible readers, we have picked up a well-researched historical fictional book which will take them on an emotional journey of two young girls set during the end of World War 2. Last but not the least, for any tiny readers, parents can teach them some basic beach rules, before they hit the beach this month!

Mummy Fairy and Me
by Sophie Kinsella
Age group: 6-9

This is the first kids novel series by the global bestselling author, Sophie Kinsella. As we know, the author's style of narration often leaves you in splits, and her new venture in kids books looks as promising as her earlier work. ‘Mummy Fairy and Me’ is an interesting read where the story revolves around a young and smart girl Ella who has a fairy mom. The young girl knows that she will grow up to become a fairy herself and looks to her mum to teach her magic spells. The twist is her mum is really not good with magic and often spells go wrong, and then Ella comes to her mum’s rescue.

Price: Dhs 36

The Red Ribbon
by Lucy Adlington
Age group: 9-12

The novel is for fans of the The Diary of Anne Frank and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. The Red Ribbon is an emotional historical fiction narrating the story of two young girls called Rose and Ella who were brought to the concentration camp Birchwood during the end of World War 2, the girls soon realise that they need to work hard to survive. Wanting to find out if the girls survived and were liberated from the camp will keep you engrossed in the novel.

Price: Dhs 50.40

Safe in the Beach
Age group: 3-5

Dubai beaches get livelier than ever in December and become a great option for parents to take their kids to for a fun family outing. Safe at the Beach is an important guide with lively illustrations and a right and wrong option that teaches children all the safety rules they must follow at the beach.

Price: Dhs 32.38


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