Books For Children

Books For Children

Developing reading habits in your children is one of the best things you can do for them. And here we look at some of the books you might want to choose for your little ones. This month, parents of toddlers can read them this interesting book of rhymes which will help them have more of a grasp of language. For the growing reader, we have picked up an account of a young girl who teaches everyone the benefits of never giving up.

Oi Duck-billed Platypus
by Kes Gray and Jim Field
Age group: 3-5

Rhyming is great way to teach children a language. Children learn the sounds within words through hearing rhymes. This is called phonological (sound) awareness. This is a brilliantly funny and silly rhyme book where a frog is trying to rhyme all those animals that are impossible to rhyme with, like duck billed platypus or hippopotamus. Laugh along as you read and flip through this colourful book.
Price: Dhs 81.90

Dawn And The Impossible Three: The Baby-Sitters Club
by Gale Galligan
Age group: 5-8

Dawn Schafer is the newest member of The Baby-sitters Club. While she's still adjusting to life in Stoneybrook after moving from sunny California, she's eager to accept her first big job. But taking care of the three Barrett kids would be too much for any baby-sitter. The house is always a mess, and the kids are out of control. On top of all that, Dawn wants to fit in with the other members of the BSC, but she can't figure out how to get along with Kristy. Was joining The Baby-sitters Club a mistake?
Price: Dhs 32.35

The Matilda Effect
by Ellie Irving
Age group: 9-12

The book will teach your children virtues of never giving up as well as never taking credit for other’s work. It outlines the story of a young girl Matilda who loves science and invention. She loses in a school science competition as judges think that it was not her project and someone else did it for her. However, to her surprise she discovered that her granny was also a scientist and she had invented a new planet, however her boss stole her invention and now he is soon to receive the Noble Prize. But this girl is now determined to crash the Noble Prize ceremony and get her granny the due credit.
Price: Dhs 50

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