Books For Children

When schools are closed and summer vacations call, what better object to put in a little one’s backpack than a brand new book, and here are some interesting choices to keep the little ones amused. These books will make sure that children learn a thing or two about emotions and other worldly things. 

Yasmin In Charge 
by Saadia Faruqi 
Age group: 5-7 years old

This is a collection of four stories about a young girl taking care of some sticky situations both at home and in school. Well written, with a heroine who is more than just any ordinary young girl, these stories will have your children smiling.
Dhs 39

The Bear And The Piano, The Dog And The Fiddle 
by David Litchfield
Age group: 7-9 years old

The first book by this author about the bear and his piano did so well that the publishers created this beautifully illustrated book to go next. This book tells the story of a fiddle, a human, and his best friend, a dog. When the fiddle retires, he teaches the dog everything he knows about music. Soon, the dog gets the opportunity to go on a world tour for which the fiddle has waited all these years. This book shows the relatable conflict between pride and jealousy imparting an important lesson that friendship, like good music, lasts forever.
Dhs 42

Where the River Runs Gold
by Sita Brahmachari
Age group: 9-12 years old

A dystopian adventure written for middle graders, this is the story of two children finding their way back to family through the very many horrors deprivation and starvation can bring into the world. The journey ahead is fraught with danger, but they are strong and know to listen to their instincts - to let love guide them home. An emotionally touching and well written account of despair and passion.
Dhs 46

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