Hand in Hand Parenting Comes to the Middle East

For the world’s hardest job: Parenting.

Hand in Hand Parenting, the organisation devoted to assisting and giving parents practical tools to face the tough challenges that come with parenting, while maintain a warm and loving parent-child relationship, are now bringing their transforming initiatives here to Dubai. Partnered with Tanshi2a, an Emirati social enterprise, the esteemed organisations are offering the ‘Parenting by Connection’ seminar and workshop.

The program is based on Hand in Hand’s founder’s 5 tools that is captured in the book Listen. The book gives parents the education, tools and strategies to face the unique demands that come with being a parent. Seminars are personally conducted by the certified Hand in Hand facilitator and founder herself, Zsuzsanna Egry, who focuses on delivering an intimate and insightful exploration of her 5 tools for attendees.

The first seminar will be held on 21 January from 9 AM to 1 PM at Nassima Tower on Sheikh Zayed Road for Dhs 450, and the second seminar consists of a three-day workshop on 22-24 at Just Be, Jumeirah with Early Bird tickets for Dhs 1700.

For more information about the events or to book, kindly email info@tanshi2a.com or search Tanshi2a on Eventbrite.com.


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