'Toy Channels' are the latest internet trend and it is incredibly dangerous for your kids

The internet can be an incredibly useful tool for kids. Whether it be for educational purposes or just to keep them entertained for a while, it's become somewhat detrimental in the modern-day child's life. But, the internet can also be a dark place and no matter how many parental blocks you have, content can still slip through.

The latest online trend is Youtube 'Toy Channels.' These channels feature characters such as SpiderMan, the cast of Frozen, Disney princesses and some other beloved favourites.

By featuring your child's favourite characters, these videos automatically come up on their 'Recommended Videos,' playlist, but, they feature very inappropriate content. The content involves violence and sexual behaviour that is completely unsuitable for children under the guise of popular kid's entertainers.

It is important to always monitor what your kids are watching online. 

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