Is nursery right for your child?

Is nursery right for your child?

Deciding to send your child to nursery can be a difficult decision to make. For many of us that decision is dictated by financial pressures or career demands but regardless of your motive there any may positive reasons that will have a direct impact on your child’s development and their school progression.

“There are so many benefits to a nursery education, from developing social skills and making friends to becoming big school ready, a nursery will encourage curiosity and creativity, giving each unique child a fantastic early years’ experience” says Angie Tupling from Jebel Ali Nursery Group.

Whichever curriculum you choose your nursery will provide a safe learning environment for your child to develop in and enjoy. And though many working parents still feel guilty about leaving their kids, here are some of the benefits and the reasons why you don’t need to worry.

Preparing your child for school
Mixing with other children can benefit a child enormously, meaning that they will be better prepared and equipped for starting school. “Nursery not only supports children’s language and listening skills, through meaningful interactions, but also give children their voice and confidence in themselves, preparing them for school” explains Maria Reynolds, Principal at Milestones Nursery.

They will be able to adapt more easily to a learning environment, have better social skills and will feel more assured in a new environment. They will also be more confident in relating to adults.

At nursery, they will learn to tidy up after themselves and that sometimes they must take turns or wait for things. Having this understanding of what is expected of them, gives them a good idea of how to behave.

Encouraging playtime
Nursery gives your child a chance to play and learn within a group and on a one-to-one basis with a member of staff. This helps them to gain confidence and develop their social skills.

An active toddler is likely to remain active as they get older, so it is important to encourage a range of activities. Play is vitally important as to help your children to develop coordination, balance and muscle control.

Of course, messy play activates are better at nursery rather than at home!

Develop social skills and make friends
Socialising is important for a child’s development, they will learn to engage with other kids their age and start to become aware of attachments they feel to other children they spend time with. No matter much time you spend with them there is nothing quite like the excitement they get for other kids. “Children who attend nursery tend to be more skillful in social situations and are further ahead in their personal and emotional development than children who do not attend nursery”adds Maria Reynolds.

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