Learning life skills at camp

To many, kids’ camps might seem like nothing more than fun and games. However, studies have shown that camps can be a positive environment for youth development and valuable life skills can be learnt.

To get fit. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that kids aged from five to 17 should get at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity, physical activity daily. With social media, smartphones and video games all competing for their attention, it can sometimes be hard to ensure they get it. At camps, physical activities tend to be disguised as fun and games, meaning that they adopt a healthier lifestyle without even realising they are doing it.

How to get along with others. Talk to any former camper and you are likely to hear stories of how some of their most treasured friendships came from camp. One of the major benefits of camps is the social skills that develop and often even the most shy child can learn how to interact with others in a positive way.

To overcome challenges. Camps encourage children to get outside their comfort zone through a range of sports, drama performances or musical performances among other things. Allowing children to face challenges and take (safe and supervised) risks can help build their independence and self-esteem.

How to lead. Camps can teach children how to be leaders through everyday play and experiences. Learning how to lead essentially teaches them how to be a good citizen, a valuable life skill in today’s society.

jebel ali nursery

Jebel Ali Village Nursery’s Spring Camp runs from 24th March to 8th April for children aged 12 months to six years old. The nursery’s team of enthusiastic and dedicated staff will entertain your children through the Easter holidays with action packed activities including visits from the Easter Bunny and an Easter egg hunt. Each day the children explore different topic themes through a variety of activities. These activities include water and sand play, role play, swimming, arts and crafts, music and movement, singing and story time. In addition, children can enjoy games and puzzles, messy play, puppet shows, outdoor excursions, soft play, face painting and much more. Visit www.javn.ae.


Mathnasium’s spring promotion is back allowing children to brush up on their math skills over the holidays in a fun and engaging manner. Every day and for one hour throughout the week kids will have the chance to work on developing a true understanding of mathematical concepts. The spring break programme can be utilised for either one or two weeks and runs from 25th March to 13th April. They also offer free assessment upon registration. Visit www.mathnasium.ae.


Milestones Nursery’s Spring Camp “Colours extravaganza” runs from 26th March to 6th April. Mixing colours, creating new shades, exploring and discovering - all this boosts development in your child critical thinking ability. Learning through play, the advantage of the biggest outside play area which include a soccer field, sand area, club house and climbing area - how many discoveries can your child make at Milestones nursery. Children will make new friends and socialise during the spring camp in Milestones, while parents can keep an eye on them with CCTV cameras access. Call 04-3373374 and say “RAINBOW” to get 1 FREE day spring camp. Visit www.milestones-nursery.com.

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