Furry Friends Looking For A Home

38smiles is a non-profit animal rescue group that was created in 2012. Since day one the founder and a group of like minded people have been trying their very best to help the stray animals of Dubai.

Hello, my name is Mars. I'm an 11 months old Arabian Mau. Or to be more precise, a Ticked Tabby Arabian Mau. All tabbies have an 'M' marking on their forehead, just like mine. My coat is an unusual “ticked” tabby pattern, as 
I don’t really have dark spots or lines on my body.

I was found all on my own at the tender age of four weeks. My foster mum tells me I wasn’t the cuddliest of kittens, purrr-ferring my own company, and occasionally getting in trouble. So the name 'Mars' suited me perfectly.

Now that I’m older, I’ve matured. I may come across as being shy at first but that’s only because I'm sensitive. These days, I’m much calmer and enjoy cosying up next to my foster mum, so now she says I’m as sweet as a Mars chocolate bar.

I get along with other cats too.

Kiki is a real princess, she demands attention from everyone. Her favourite activties include sleeping on your pillow or stretching out in the warm sunshine. 

She is quite happy living as an only cat, or sharing with another feline, just as long as the other cat remembers who's 'number one.' Kiki is generally pretty quiet and easy going, which is handy if you live with teenagers, as she has. 

Kiki is four years old, fully vaccinated and spayed.

The only time little Bounty stays still long enough to get a good picture of, is when she’s asleep. This little 'Energizer Bunny' spends all day playing, climbing, running around and cuddling with her besties. 

Bounty is an adventurer, she loves to explore around the house. Her energetic personality guarantees you hours of entertainment and just like her candy bar namesake, you'll always crave more of her.

Bounty is four months old & fully vaccinated. She will grow to be a small adult cat but one with a huge heart, sass and zest for life.


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