Furry friends looking for a home

Furry friends looking for a home

Meet Ziggy

His name is Ziggy, even though he is probably more of a Shakespeare or a McGregor! Ziggy turned up outside his foster family’s villa, he was grabbing food from the stash left out there for street cats. Fluffies can’t survive outside, so he was picked up and taken for a microchip check. Sadly, he didn’t have one and was not neutered either. Nobody came forward to claim him, so he is looking for his own forever family. The vet thinks Ziggy is around 3 years old. He is now neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped. He also had a dental check and some teeth removed, though it hasn’t hindered his appetite for food! Ziggy is a big softy and is very cuddly, a little unsure of people at first Ziggy would benefit from a quiet family that understands that his previous owners were not very nice to him and he needs time and reassurance in order to come out of his shell and trust people.

Meet Cleo

Cleo was rescued outside her foster family’s home from the big bully cats that were picking on her when she was just a tiny kitten. She’s still not very big (in size) but has the biggest personality. She’s named Cleo after Cleopatra because she has the most amazing eye markings. Cleo plays fetch and is excellent at football! She is neutered and fully vaccinated and ready to find a family that will treat her like the Egyptian Queen she is.

Meet Marni

Marni is a feisty young lady who loves attention. She is just over a year old and due to having the herpes virus as a small kitten, she had to have one of her eyes removed; the other one has limited vision. When she is concentrating on looking at something, she moves her head up and down in a very cute way. 38smiles were told that she is slightly deaf, but it appears to be selective deafness as she can definitely hear when she wants to – she can always hear her food being prepared! Marni has an obsession with hair ties and will track them down wherever they are - even opening drawers if she knows they are in there hiding from her. She doesn’t let her vision stop her at all and is absolutely fearless. She is very determined - a typical tortoiseshell - and will argue her point with you - especially when you want to shut the kitchen door and she isn’t quite ready to leave!

Marni loves to cuddle with humans and gets on well with the male foster cat. If she wants attention, she stands on her back legs and bats your legs as you walk past - no claws, she’s just reminding that she is there. Marni would do well in a home with older children or somebody who wants an excellent companion. She has an amazing personality and will make a wonderful pet for some lucky family. She is neutered and vaccinated and ready to meet you.

To meet any of the beautiful cats and kittens looking for a home or if you are interested in fostering to help save a life, email info@38smiles.com.

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