Furry friends looking for a home

Furry friends looking for a home

Meet Almaya
Young, innocent and barely 10 months old it was like Almaya was invisible. People would walk by her and not even notice she was there or maybe they just assumed she was dead as her lifeless body was laying on the street next to a dustbin outside Almaya Supermarket in Al Satwa.

Until one kind person could not just walk by, she had to make sure Almaya had really gone and to her surprise she was hadn’t.

Almaya was rushed to the vet. She tested FPV positive and was put on IV fluids and medication. At first Almaya had no appetite but after a few days she started eating and the vet could take her off the fluids. Few more days passed and Almaya made full recovery and is ready to find a home to make sure that the streets of Satwa are the one place she will never ever have to see again.

Meet Trish
Trish is 2 years old, spayed, fully vaccinated and microchipped. Trish was rescued with a badly broken tail that had to be amputated. She has fully recovered after the surgery and has turned into a beautiful tortie bob tail cat. Trish is quite happy as an only cat, she likes to watch the world go by through the window, cuddle in bed and receive all the attention possible!

Meet Lulu
Grumpy cat Lulu is a very quiet and little shy kitty. This two year old likes to just chill and watch the world go by. She would be best suited in a quiet home that can offer her safety and her own space. Kids are not something that Lulu is familiar with and most likely are not something she will like. Lulu is good with other cats as long as they are not dominant.

Meet Cleo
Cleo was rescued from outside her foster family’s home from the bully cats that were picking on here when she was just a tiny kitten. She’s still not very big, but she has a huge personality. She’s called Cleo after Cleopatra because she has the most amazing eye markings. Cleo plays fetch and is excellent at football too! Cleo is neutered and vaccinated and just waiting for you to treat her ike the Egyptian princess she knows she is!

Meet Angel
Angel is an adorable young cat. He loves attention and will make sure to remind you he is around; a stroke, a cuddle or a little kiss and he’s happy! Angel is quite playful and gets along well with other cats. However, he needs to be introduced slowly to the resident cat/cats, as he takes time to trust and get over his fear and not be afraid of them. Angel is easy going and will make the perfect addition to any family.

To meet any of the beautiful cats and kittens looking for a home or if you are interested in fostering to help save a life, email info@38smiles.com.

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