Furry friends looking for a home

Furry friends looking for a home

38smiles is a non-profit animal rescue group that was created in 2012. Since day one the founder and a group of likeminded people have been trying their very best to help the stray animals of Dubai.

Hello, my name is Minnie

I am a female Arabian Mau and 3 years old, fully vaccinated and already spayed.

My foster mum gave me the name Minnie because I was tiny when first rescued and even now 3 years late I’m still a small size cat.

I also have very sad eyes according to my foster mum, she says every rejection from potential forever families can be seen in my eyes.

I have a tiny under-bite which foster mum finds cute.

I’m quite shy and don’t know how to turn my little “imperfections” into my best features and that’s why I’m invisible for people.

On top of that I also have food allergies you see but thanks to my foster mum and my vet we discovered that chicken and other birds protein makes me unwell and now I only eat fish and I’m doing just fine.

One should never lose hope so I know 2019 will be my year, I will find my forever home and see what it is like to have my own family with no small kids preferably as I’m quite shy but I’m happy to share with other cats or have all the attention to myself. I like to sunbathe so big sunny window will be nice or even better, a secured garden.

If you can help save a life by adopting or fostering email info@38smiles.com

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