Three Adorable Pets Looking For A Loving Home

Name: Emma

Life without a kitten is empty; life without an Arabian Mau kitten is plane boring; life without Emma is not worth living. Emma is a ray of light, endless entertainment, purrs and cuddles and many years of companionship. Emma 4 months old, is fully vaccinated and will be spayed when old enough.

Name: Mira

Mira is a very sweet little lady, playing hard to get at first but soon realises that there’s nothing better than a chin rub. She lights up around other cats and becomes more confident too. Mira is 1 year old Turkish Angora mix, fully vaccinated and spayed.

Name: Caramel

Meet Caramel, Sandpit Pawsome Special, she is an absolute sweetheart. Unfortunately her owner did not quite understand that dogs are family members and was keeping her living in a tiny balcony 24/7. It took few weeks to convince him to surrender Caramel so she can find a real family and get to experience love and companionship.

Its well-known that dogs are better than humans in being forgiving and moving on without holding a grudge. Caramel is no exception, she is the sweetest young lady that trusts all humans and dogs. It is a pleasure seeing her getting excited by the smallest things like going for a walk, finding different smells and making new friends. Caramel is 9 months old, fully vaccinated and spayed.

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