Cooking with Chef Zayn Haggerty

Chef Zayn has come a long way since cooking fruit flans with his nan. He is now using his knowledge and experience to promote clean-eating as Head Chef of The Roost Rotisserie.

Chef Zayn started his culinary career at 3 Rosette Alderly Edge Hotel in Manchester. “It was a massive shock to the system, all these amazing ingredients, strange but beautiful flavour combinations, a new world had opened up in front of me”. Here, the team served the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson and Premier League football players.

However, he was more interested in learning from and enhancing his skills by working hands-on with fresh ingredients and how to transform them into magical dishes.

Chef Zayn’s career then took him to Artisan Manchester a 300-plus cover restaurant, he was there right from the pre-opening stages responsible for managing a huge team of professional cooks.

Happily married and after the birth of his first daughter, Chef Zayn decided to venture out into catering, to learn about a new part of the industry and have a more balanced lifestyle. He started working at the famous Lime Pictures in Liverpool, a huge TV drama studio. From here he started Luncheonette Kitchen Catering for small film studios, offices and formal events, including weddings.

Soon after, Chef Zayn was asked to come out to the Middle East to work in a start-up business in Oman which again focused on catering. Until he received a call from Omar Ghalib Bustami and Hadil Taisier Khatib, owners of The Roost Rotisserie, it was then that he realised that this concept would bring like-minded people together.

The Chef and the owners of The Roost Rotisserie wanted the exact same thing - clean-cooking that did not compromise on flavour no matter how difficult the challenge. “I am a big advocate of eating healthy and clean and we also want our children to eat the same food as us.” As a result, at The Roost we only use the freshest produce, our chicken is hormone and antibiotic free, we do not add any sugar or nasties to our food menu, even the sauces. Everything is hand crafted in our kitchen.

Honey-mustard chicken salad

240g rotisserie chicken
50g baby asparagus
120g frizzy lettuce
50g green beans
50g edamame beans
4 piece radish
1 green apple
For the honey mustard dressing;
2 tbsp. English mustard
2 tbsp. honey
2 garlic cloves
2 tsp balsamic vinegar
2 tbsp. apple vinegar
12 tbsp. sunflower oil or olive oil if you prefer.
Pinch of salt and pepper

For the honey mustard dressing place all ingredients (except the oil) in a blender and blend, then slowly add the oil
to emulsify.

Using a ready-cooked rotisserie chicken, shred the chicken, roughly chop asparagus, green beans and slice
the apple.

In a bowl combine the remaining ingredients and dress with honey mustard. Place in serving bowl and top with more sliced radish.

Chef tip - for more indulgence top with parmesan cheese and cracked black pepper

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