8 Reasons to Adopt an adult dog

8 Reasons to Adopt an adult dog

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1. Every dog needs a “forever home” Whether you choose a puppy, an adult dog or either of the two with a special need, all dogs need a forever home. A forever home is a place where the adoptees are knowledgeable and committed to the time and attention the dog they adopt needs. Being a hero is adopting a dog that you know you can commit a lifetime of care to.

2. They are vaccinated! One less thing for you to worry about.

3. Trick for a treat? Most adult dogs know commands and have the potential to be previously socialised. Anything for a treat!

4. They’re super snugglers! And their snuggle excitement doesn’t result in messes!

5. Sleeping schedule. It’s to be expected that any new family member will be a little weary of sleeping in their new home initially, but adult dogs have experience sleeping through till morning whereas puppies wake up when their bellies or bladders require their immediate attention.

6. Teething. Do you like your shoes with slobber and holes? Enough said.

7. What you see is what you get. For dogs purebred and mixed, you can only estimate just how large they will be. If you don’t like surprises an adult dog is the way to go!

8. Potty training. Not all adult dogs are potty trained when you adopt them but an older dog has a mature bladder. You won’t need to take your new family member out every two hours to avoid accidents.

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