SNIFF: Strays needing interim or furever friends

SNIFF: Strays needing interim  or furever friends

Animal rescue voluntary services based in the UAE. Dedicated to helping all animals.

At Connector, we are crazy about animals. That’s why we’ve teamed up with SNIFF, an animal rescue organisation based in the UAE dedicated to helping all animals.

Set up by a group of friends all with full time jobs but a love for animals, SNIFF is an animal rescue group which aims to re-home the UAE’s stray and abandoned pets.

All with rescue pets themselves, the founders of SNIFF aim to educate people on the importance of adopting rescue pets instead of buying from pet stores. The tragic situations animals were being found in prompted them to take action.

SNIFF is entirely funded by the generosity of animal lovers in the UAE and beyond. Any contributions go directly into their account at the vets who use it to pay for medical bills, food and boarding.

SNIFF constantly needs foster homes, people to help with fundraising events and above all just to spread the word.

SNIFF supports all animal rescue groups in the UAE and their ultimate mission is to not need to exist at all!

To date SNIFF has rehomed more than 5000 animals in the UAE and we look forward to helping them rehome many more!

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