Home decor inspiration that’ll add character to your living space

Create a space full of intimacy and meaning with our top picks based on your personality…

Home design shouldn’t only be about what’s on trend. Instead, real design is shaped to the emotions and lifestyle of its users. It’s more important to follow your hearts and let your space reflect who you are. Choosing to feature items that hold memories is a marvellous way to make sure you truly feel at ease and smile every time you come home.

1. The ambitious and strategic thinker

Minimalist design demands maximum precision. Whether you’re a no-nonsense professional, powerful executive, or a natural leader; add hints of blue in a clean, minimalistic home to boost focus and mental strength. This popular colour represents trust, logic and efficiency. Blue-hued items are also the perfect representation of comfort and urban chic.

2. The laid-back romantic

White-on-white can be tricky - it can easily look clinical. But, if done right, it gives off a clean, romantic and airy ambience. The best way to do this is by balancing off-white with cream and linen hues, together with beautiful floral arrangements. This will add rich character to any room.Vintage has also taken a delicate and sophisticated turn with soft colours and incredibly detailed patterns. Take inspiration from baroque-style designs as seen in the Chester Vase.

3. The quiet and mystical introvert

If the thought of bold colours anywhere in your home makes you feel anxious, don’t worry - muted colours are here to help make you feel at ease. Earthy neutrals provide a wonderful way to introduce subtle colour into muted schemes; helping you put together an inviting, warming and calming place. They’re also incredibly versatile and don’t just work brilliantly for minimalistic, Scandinavian-inspired homes. Combined with rich plush textiles and matched with sleek woods, muted tones can create a sophisticated ambience that will rock the senses. Besides that, we also see velvets on the rise this season and there’s a reason why. Perfect for both casual or formal settings, velvet pieces are extremely versatile and add variety in texture. They also create a cosy feel in winter - the perfect ambience for curling up and enjoying an enjoyable book.

4. The lively socialite

Wherever there’s a crowd, you’re always under the spotlight. To reflect your charismatic and outgoing spirit, go bold or go home (Or, in this case, bring bold into your home). This doesn’t mean over-designing, though. The goal is to liven up a living space by adding curated statement pieces. 

One must never underestimate the transformative power of patterns, nor ignore the very different feelings they can convey. Graphic design elements like geometrics, lines and triangles instantly modernise your space and can be used in a variety of applications:

 A punch of pattern is also the perfect way to add interest and depth to any room.

5. The intellectual

Being a bookworm is nothing to be shameful about - your unquenchable thirst for knowledge is one of the reason for today’s scientific advancements and cultural developments! For the avid reader, a use-friendly bookcase is ever more important. Paired with tones of grey and silver, they complement a full spectrum of shades and a myriad of decorating styles.

6. The entrepreneurial creative

If you truly enjoy living on the edge, lighting is the perfect way to show off your distinctive design sensibility. These show-stopping lighting fixtures are statement pieces and make for some very unique decorative contrasts. Yellow can also stimulate creativity, and is best suited to bring hints of quirkiness to your space.

7. The reliable and family oriented

For you, the best times are probably spent around a kitchen table with family and friends. These communal kitchen icons that are made to accommodate various occasions will no doubt earn a space in your heart. Brass finishes dominate the kitchen scene for their glamorous and polished vibes. Instead of very reflective ones, muted, satin or brushed tones are warmer and more elegant.

8. The adventurous and energetic outdoor lover

We’ve seen dramatic tropical leaf prints on the runways from the likes of Prada and Marc Jacobs - not only is the print impactful, but it also works well throughout the home with a green hue as well. Greenery, Pantone’s colour of the year, helps imitate and incorporate outdoor vibes when combined with warm wood tones. These jungle-inspired prints and items would surely match your restless and adventurous quality.

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