Dogs and puppies looking for homes

Life can change in a blink of an eye and that’s exactly what happen with Pip when his family decided they can no longer care for him. Lucky for Pip a great foster home was offered instantly. At first Pip was quiet, keeping to himself and observing the other dogs. With every passing day his confidence grew and Pip became more outgoing, playful and affectionate.

Today Pip is a happy little doggy that enjoys other dogs company and human affection. He is quiet and low maintenance and would make a great apartment dog with or without other dogs.Pip likes to fit in and be part of a family. He is playful but not overly energetic. Pip is still very young and very healthy too. He is 1.5 years old, fully vaccinated and neutered.

One can be born under piles of constriction debris in a dark abandoned warehouse as long as that same one is born under a lucky start. Meet Harry & Anna, two pups who were indeed born under a lucky star and definitely have more than one guardian angel looking over them.

Rescued at tiny age of just 6 weeks from an abandoned warehouse they were covered in dirt and fleas. Fast forward to now and these two are the most gorgeous 4 months old good natured, playful and energetic pups - ready to enjoy every moment to the max.

Harry & Anna enjoy other dogs’ company and being around big or small people. They are now fully vaccinated, good on a leash and 99% house trained. Harry & Anna can be adopted together or separate as they are the age where they adjust very quickly to different environments and different people and dogs as long as they are showered with love and care.  

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