How to care for your leather bags

How to care for your leather bags

Whether it’s exotic crocodile, python, lambskin, alligator, cattle or suede, the leather bag is probably the single most expensive wardrobe item women splurge on. We all then soak in the pleasure of our materialistic treasures, but do we spend equal time maintaining them? Whilst some of us go out of our way to look after such prized possessions, others just allow them to become desiccated and dull. That is why maintenance of your leather bag is so crucial if you want them to look as shiny and gorgeous as the day you bought them. Luckily, we’ve put together a few simple steps you can take to ensure that your precious items are kept in mint condition.

1. Store your item in its original packaging: All leather goods come with stuffing, a dust bag and sometimes a box for the most luxurious brands. It is not only pretty, it helps keep your item in good condition, protects from any contact with other items and therefore reduces the risks of damage or sunlight which could also affect the colour of your luxury piece. Keeping the original packaging also increases its chances to sell! ? 

2. Protect your leather goods. Applying an anti-rain coat on any of your leather goods can really make a difference and avoid some of the most common damage to your precious bag. Leather is like any skin and therefore gets affected by sunlight for example, as well as by rain or any other liquid that the leather could absorb and which could change its original colour.

3. Keep pens away! The biggest enemy of leather goods and patent leathers is a pen mark. Nothing can be done about it, so if you carry pens in your bag, remind yourself to close them to avoid marks on the inside.

4. Luxury pieces mean luxury care! Do not put your brand-new Chanel bag on the floor if you sit in a restaurant, and avoid contact with dark clothes, which could transfer colours. Always make sure the bag avoids any contact with food or drinks.

5. Keep the shape of your bag with stuffing and by hanging it on a pants hanger! Some shapes, especially square or flap shapes could be damaged by storing your bag on a flat floor, we recommend keeping the chain on a pants hanger.

6. Do not dye a luxury bag with a third-party company if you wish to resell it. Dying luxury leather goods should only be done by the brand itself so that it keeps its value on a resale market. If your bag is stained and you dye it with a different company like a shoe cleaner or bag servicing company, its luxury value and authenticity will be affected and most of the resale companies will not accept it for resale.

7. Do not try to clean your patent leather luxury bag; it is impossible. Patent leather is like a topcoat on your nails, once there is a stain on it, you cannot remove it. 

Selling your bag?
1. Before reselling your bag, we always advise a service with the original brand for a quick cleaning or do the basic cleaning by yourself. Reselling companies like us will not clean luxury bags and therefore it is important that the bag arrives to us in top condition so that the minimum amounts of stains or faults appear in the final pictures.
2. If you wish to resell it on a market place and you are the one taking the picture of your luxury bag, shoot it in a professional way. A bag displayed without stuffing and thrown on a table will not look as nice as a bag shot with an appealing background or nice environment around to enhance the image! A white background is also standard for most of the companies.
3. Keep your receipt. ?It gives credibility, trust and ensures the authenticity of your luxury bag.

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